Meet the band and staff » Darcie Flemming

Darcie Flemming


Year in school and major: Freshman, Music Performance
Hometown: Ottawa, IL
Main instrument: Flute

Trip goal: The thing that I am really hoping to gain from this trip is more experience as a player. I am also hoping that I will learn more about the country of Brazil and to gain more knowledge on life in another country because it is going to be so different there. I am looking forward to learning more about there culture and way of life also!


  1. Hi Darcie! Dad won, he blogged you first. Anyway….looks like we’ll see you before take off! Love you! Mom

  2. Hi Darcie, are you nervous yet? I am going to try to visit you saturday I’ll call you later.


    • Nope. I’m not nervous yet dad! I’m really excited! I can’t wait to be in the warn weather and to get to see another country! I hope that you make it here on Saturday! I really want to see everyone before I leave!

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