Learn some Portuguese!

Part of being a good ambassador of your country is making your hosts feel comfortable and respected.  Learning and using a bit of the local language will help us demonstrate an appreciation for Brazil and its people.




Hello Olá o-laa
Goodbye Tchau chow
Thank you Obrigado (male)Obrigada (female) o-bree-ga-doh
Yes sim see(m)
No não nowng
Good day! Bom dia! bong dee-aa
My name is . . . Meu nome é . . . me-oo no-me e
Excuse me com licença kong lee-seng-saa
Where onde ong-day
Why por que porr kay
When quando kwang-doh
How much is it? Quanto custa? kwang-toh koos-taa
Do you speak English? Você fala ingles? vo-se faa-la eeng-gles
I don’t speak Portuguese. Eu não falo português. e-oo nowng faa-lo porr-too-ges
Keep in touch! Mantenha contato! Mang-te-nyaa kong-taa-to





0 zero ze-ro
1 Um oom
2 dois doys
3 três tres
4 quatro kwaa-tro
5 cinco seeng-ko
6 seis says
7 sete se-te
8 oito oy-to
9 nove naw-ve
10 dez dez
100 cem seng
1,000 mil mee-oo


  1. A lot of this looks very similar to Spanish. It obviously is pronounced and, in some cases, spelled differently but otherwise you can tell that they have the same influences.

  2. do you have it all memarized

  3. fun stuff!!

  4. Boa Viagem!

    Leslie Walker

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