Posted by: meredithroche | March 21, 2010


I cannot express the extent of how thankful I am to have had the opportunity to travel to Brazil with the WIU Wind Ensemble. This was the best experience of my life. I learned more about life on this trip than I have in any class. I learned about music, Portuguese, food, Brazilian culture, and communication. I have been pulled out of my box. I’m grateful to have been in Brazil and am hoping to go back as soon as possible.

I need to thank Dr. Fansler, for his idea.  Two summers ago, I was playing in the Macomb Municipal Band, and he told my friend and I that he was looking for a way to take the Wind Ensemble to Brazil. That makes this trip almost two years in the making! Thank you, and GOOD JOB!

 To everyone who was on this trip: thank you for letting me get to know you; and thank you for enhancing the positive atmosphere of this experience.

 To everyone I met in Brazil: thank you for greeting our band with open arms. I hope we meet again. Mantenha contato!

Thank you Mom, for knowing the importance of this experience, and helping me go.

This was my first time out of the country, but I now refuse to make it my last. Thank you for this life altering experience.



  1. Meredith-

    Your entry is much appreciated. Reading how much this trip meant to you makes all of the planning worth while. This trip was meant for you, the students, and I am thankful to be working with such wonderful people. Obrigado!

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