Posted by: Abby Rhodes | March 19, 2010

Brazilian Wal-Mart

There are few comforts of an American Midwestern home one can’t find in Brazil. Despite the misconception that shopping opportunities in Latin America are limited to street markets and foreign brands, big box stores have been raking in profits here for years, and some are posing a threat to small mom ‘n pops. Corner stores and street markets remain vital, and therefore solvent, in developing countries, but things are likely to change with industrialization.

The “Wal-Mart of Brazil” is called Bompreco, and actually, it’s owned by the Arkansas-based corporation. Its name translates to a similar low-price guarantee.

We stopped by a Bompreco in Salvador on our way to the Monk’s Island cruise.



  1. How come there’s so much… stuff around the statue of Christ? Is that how it’s supposed to look? Is that the design? Or does it need to be there for stability reasons? Because when I first saw it that stuff made it look like it was under construction. I think it would look better without the stuff.

  2. interesting to see that that have something to the equivalent of our wal-mart

  3. It’s interesting that you can find a Wal-Mart type store almost anywhere in the world now.

  4. thats cool! i would have never thought there would be a walmart in brazil

  5. thats awesome that they have a walmart down there in Brazil and that it is based in Arkansas

  6. i want some brazilian shapmoo!

  7. Huh… Walmart has invaded south america? Intriguing… Seems kinda sneaky that they changed the name but it is still the same company. Go figure.

  8. I thnk its cool that brazil has a store similar to walmart. the pictures of the inside of the store even looked very similar to a walmart

  9. I think it is funny that this store is based in Arkansas. This makes me wonder whether it is a good thing that the US has this type of influence around the world. Hmm…..

  10. that’s so cool! i never expected anything like a walmart to be in brazil

  11. Crazy!!! they have a similar store like our Walmart!!!

  12. It’s interesting that their stores are so similar! You don’t really think about wether other places would have things like that, but I guess it makes sense

  13. I find it interesting to know that the same people who own WalMart also own chain stores in the southern hemisphere… now the question is if they own all of the similar low-budget stores worldwide?!

  14. I didn’t realize that Brazil had huge chain stores like this. I’m sure it’ll take awhile for stores like these to move out into the smaller villages so the “mom and pop” stores will still be around for awhile.

  15. That’s cool. It looks just like a Wal-Mart we would have in the United States! I never thought they would have stores like that.

  16. Bompreco sounds like a high-class clothing store, not a low-price Wal-Mart ish store. It almost seems like what places like Wal-Mart in are doing to small shops in America, this Bompreco is going to eventually do the the lil stores down in Brazil.

  17. gotta love wal mart!!! 🙂

  18. That’s really interesting seeing how they have the sam ekind of stores down there. I never really imagined there being any Wal-Mart type of stores in Brazil, just street markets.

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