Posted by: Abby Rhodes | March 18, 2010

In Brazil, everyone’s a musician

Music is ingrained in the Brazilian culture to a greater extent than in any other ethnicity around the world.  Ask a local what it means to be Brazilian and you’ll likely hear both music and soccer within the first two sentences.  It’s not just about appreciation — Brazilians seem to be hardwired to sway and drum and sing with impeccable natural musicianship.  And often instruments are fashioned out of the most unlikely materials.  We came across this gentleman during a walk through Salvador.



  1. Wow what creativity!

  2. I love how drummers can always be found using something interesting to create music. It’s also neat how much of a part of their culture music is.

  3. This makes me think of Stomp or Blue man group. They use random objects to make rhythm and music. I love how percussionists do this all the time. It’s not only us.

  4. This guy looked so happy to be drumming. Even if it was on a trashcan. that truly shows the high intensity of musicianship in Brazil. They’ll play with anything and everything they have available to them. =]

  5. this is a true drummer. haha it reminds me of our percussionists and how they are always seen drumming on whatever possible!

  6. it’s amazing how much these people incorporate music into every part of their lives

  7. this made me smile. 😀 He’s so creative, the street performers in the cities here could learn from that.

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