Posted by: darciefleming | March 18, 2010

Impact So Far


This trip has really changed my outlook on many things as a person thus far.  I have really learned that as an American I have life pretty easy.  Looking back on my life I have realized that I have gotten many things that kids here would never imagine they would have.  Even such things that we take for granted like clean water to drink whenever needed or even shoes on my feet.  Even in some cases a roof over my head.  Some children here are lucky if they have that.  Playing for the children of CESA yesterday really made me realize this.  The fact that we just came to play for them and we included them seemed to be one of the biggest moments of their lives.  They asked us for autographs and we took pictures with them.  I can truly say that I have never seen so many children with such big smiles on their faces.  I was in tears.  Just the way that it affected them because we cared enough to smile at them and talk to them seemed to really make them feel special.  Seeing people off on the streets also has made me feel this way.  Just noticing that people are so desperate that they will mime everything you do makes me really think about how wonderful my life is.  Another huge impact to me has been playing music with people that don’t even speak English.  The fact that it brings us together and that we can all bond through this is amazing.  In fact one of the flute performers that played with us at a gig added me on facebook.  We took pictures together and tried to talk to each other for a bit.  We understood each other to the extent of hello, how are you, and you play very well.  I am so happy that I was able to come on this trip.  Looking back I would not change it for the world!  I am so happy that by sharing my love for music that I can put a smile on someones face and make there day.  This is was life is all about.  This trip has really made me understand this more.I have also enjoyed growing with the band on this trip.  Even though I haven’t really been able to practice I have felt improvement in my playing each and every day.  I even learned to flutter tongue today!  Finally!  It was exciting too because I can say I learned it in Brazil!  I am happy with the bonds that I have made on this trip, the way that I have impacted others, and the way that I have been impacted as a person.  I would not change coming here for a million dollars.  It has been to much of a life altering experience!





  1. Wow thats truely amazing

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