Posted by: Steve Scherer | March 17, 2010

Geneseo B.P. – Wedneday, travel day

Good morning.  We have checked out of the Blue Tree and the luggage is being loaded onto the bus, while I sit in the lobby and enjoy this ocean-front view for the final time.  This morning we travel for about an hour to the school for underprivileged children, that was founded by Brazil’s equivalent to Mother Theresa.  There will be over 600 children in the audience, and it was reported to us that they are extremely excited about the concert that they will hear today by an orchestra from America.  Dr. Fansler stated this morning that may be the most important performance on this whole trip, as these children have never before hear sounds like what they will hear today.  Perhaps this will provide the inspiration for some of them to be musicians, and to learn how music can affect someone’s life.  These are the young children who will receive the donation of about 200 instruments that were collected before the trip.  Geneseo High School donated a bari sax, a bassoon, and a clarinet.  Have a great day.



  1. wow. A half page on this is going to be a stretch. needs more poke.

  2. That’s great that you get to play for the kids. Hope you and the children all have a great time!

  3. sounds like a great day and having 200 instruments donated must be a sight to see

  4. i cant believe there where 600 kids there i think they will really enjoy those instruments

  5. This is so kind. I would love to see the smiles on the childeren’s faces when you play for them. This must be like a once in a lifetime experiance for them and we, Geneseo High School, get to help with the excitment by giving them instruments. I hope they really enjoy the show and their new experiances of music.

  6. I can’t believe that 200 instruments were donated for this trip. That is amazing! I am sure that the children really enjoyed your concert and that they loved the new instruments. Sounds like this was a pretty rewarding day.

  7. thats so awesome that you got 200 instruments to donate to these children. Im sure after these performances there will be 200+ future musicians in the crowd.

  8. I wish i was in brazil with you all. It would be such a heartwarming experience to bring music into the lives of people/children who wouldnt have recieved it without your help! keep up the good work!

  9. Wow, donating a bassoon? That’s expensive and impressive. Is it one of the old ones lying around, or one that was bought by the district to be donated? With all the amazing instruments they’re getting, sounds like they’ll need teachers more than instruments soon. Learning bassoon is tough.

  10. It’s great that you can give the underprivileged children instruments. Hearing you guys play will probably make them even more excited to learn the instruments

  11. This seems like a really great opportunity for kids that have never experienced music like this.

  12. It seems so strange that those students will never have heard anything like your band so far in their lives, but that’s probably just because it seems like such a common thing around here. I hope you all inspire those kids to take up instruments and make it as much a part of their lives as other people both here and in Brazil have done.

  13. This reminded me also of preforming for the kids in texas. I hope the kids were inspired to play the instruments they recieved

  14. This definately seems like one of those moments that will never be forgotten. How cool to show other kids and teach them about your passion.

  15. these kids have never heard anything like it. those kids must be really excited. you guy have 200 instruments! thats alot!

  16. i think it’s so cool how you guys have turned into local celebrities!!!!! Maybe this will happen to us in Orlando…… haha I’m joking but thats really cool!!! and now i am going to do a face. because i saw a couple of them earlier. 🙂 😀 😛

  17. This is such a great momment for you guys. I hope it all went well. It also made me think of the Texas trip when we played for the children. It was wonderful to play/sing for them and i’m sure you guys had a wonderful experience.

  18. It is so amazing that you guys can share such a wonderful thing like music to these kids. They are very lucky to be able to hear such a good group of musicians. hope all your travels are safe!

  19. It’s so cool that you can give these children instruments! Since they’re so excited about just hearing you play music, I’m sure they’ll be ecstatic to actually to be able to play on their own! 😀

  20. maybe there will be some excellent future percussionists in the crowd

  21. good to know that these kids will be learning how to play some phat sax 🙂

  22. It’s awesome that you guys are doing that for the kids. It would be a great experience.

  23. That sounds like a fun expierence and an unforgettable memory for both you guys and the kids. I bet they enjoyed the instruments!
    Oh and Happy St Pattys Day!

  24. Hope all your travels are safe. I also hope the internet service there will be good enough so we can see some of your videos!

  25. I hope they all enjoy the concert you guys put on for them! Unfortunatly only 200 kids will be able to actually get to play your donated instruments.

  26. It sounds like you guys have become local celebrities. I’m sure these kids are very excited to hear the group and will never forget this experience.

  27. That sounds so cool to see the children’s faces when they hear you play and they receive the instruments. I can’t wait to hear you tell us more about that experience!

  28. That’s so cool that you are so respected by those kids. The fact that this is a new experience for them is something I can’t even imagine! Have fun and inspire them!

  29. This kind of reminds me of Music Tour ’08, when we went out to Ft. Sam Houston. That was just plain cool, so this sounds like it’ll be Amazing.

    I hope what I say holds true!

  30. That is so awesome. If I were one of those kids, I’d be super excited too. Hearing good music… that would be a nice treat. Hopefully it will inspire them to become musicians (:

  31. I almost can’t imagine never hearing music, that’s great that they are going to experience that. I hope they like the instruments!

  32. I remember when small groups of instrumentalists came and we listened. It would be odd not to hear that! I bet they’ll be so in love with the music when they hear it.

  33. hope the kids enjoyed the performance. its good to introduce them to music early in life. it gets them interested in music.

  34. hopefully the music that you are sharing and playing with the kids will change there lives to love music and become a part of it.

  35. It’s so unbelievable how these kids have never heard an orchestra or a band perform before. I couldn’t imagine my life without band. So I think that’s amazing that they finally get to experience that 😀

  36. thats awesome that you get to play for them. hope they enjoy the new instruments.

  37. What a great thing to do for those kids! Hopefully having access to the instruments will be beneficial for them.

  38. That sounds great! I hope they enjoy their new instruments. I know I enjoy new ones:) Hey Dr. Briney! Nice suggestion for the trumpets to spread some Chickowitz exercises, might I say.

  39. It’s cool that you guys have the opportunity to play for kids that have never before heard anything like what you guys play. I’m sure that they will enjoy it and hope that at least some of them are interested enough to start to learn how to play some music.

  40. Aw, I hope the kids really like their new instruments and you guys have a safe bus ride! (and yes, stephanie and I are in second hour right now… haha) 🙂

  41. I hope they enjoy their new instruments 🙂

  42. Dear Steve:

    Thank you for the thorough accounting of your journey. I’m enjoying your posts which are in
    their own right, colorful and picturesque. Have
    fun on the rest of the trip.

    • Thank you for your comment. This is an incredible journey. And spending it with your students has been a delight.

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