Posted by: Abby Rhodes | March 17, 2010

Salvador’s Pelhourino district

In between performances two and three yesterday the band had the opportunity to tour one of Salvador’s most famous districts.  With cobblestone under our feet and massive European-style edifices all around, the scene was dramatically different from the countryside vistas and city favelas featured in our previous excursions.  Pelhourino is where people come to shop and party, so we were inundated with requests to peruse collections of everything from DVDs to handcrafted goods to naughty marionettes.  Here is some of what we saw:



  1. the culture differences between us are very interesting

  2. It’s interesting how that aspect of their culture is so different from ours.

  3. These pictures are great. Its a great look at this part of their culture. Even though they are so different, they’re similar in so many ways too

  4. Everything about Brazil appeals to me. I would want to buy everything I saw if I were there.

  5. i think its neat that the people just sell things on the streets and they don’t get in trouble from the law by doing that lol

  6. thats really funny about the naughty things lol I really enjoy the stuff u keep posting also!

  7. Thanks for posting these pictures! It’s great to see the similarities and differences from the earlier pictures. That’s funny that they sell “naughty” marionettes, and I’m very curious as to what you mean by that haha. It’s neat how all of the people just sell items on the street like that.

  8. I think that they are like those string puppets, Ali. I liked seeing these pictures too! It is interesting to see the way they act and the clothes they wear. It looks like they wear clothes that we would wear here!

  9. Those paintings looked really pretty and so did that fabric. Umm.. I feel like I should know this, but what are marionettes?

    • Ali (if you ever see this again)- Marionettes are a type of puppet. Frankly, I think they look a little creepy.

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