Posted by: Phil Weiss | March 16, 2010

WIU is making its mark in Brazil

Hello! This band is the GREATEST! I am very proud of every individual in the group. They are playing very well and really have stepped up on this tour. Being somewhat of an outsider of this band, I have been most impressed with their ability to perform under extreme conditions. You should all be proud of yourselves!!! I hope to show all of you soon, how wonderful these ambassadors of the United States are doing here in Brazil.

With that said I expect to have a strong Internet connection when we reach our destination in Rio de Janeiro, to give all of you some wonderful video of the band.





  1. Phil and Abby, You both are doing such great work. The blog is informative and celebratory and thanks for the video of events.

    This experience, for all involved,is obviously incredible and will be cherished for life. Thanks for making this special for us who are not able to take the trip. I am jealous of everyone there and know there are those people who are making this trip special.

    Keep up the good work and thanks. pkk

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