Posted by: Abby Rhodes | March 16, 2010

Faces of Bahia

Snapshots taken around Salvador and Monk’s Island.



  1. These pictures are awesome and show how awesome Brazil is. I wish I could be down there having a good time also.

  2. Os brasileiros realmente sao algumas das melhores pessoas no mundo.

    (Brazilians really are some of the coolest people in the world.)

    That last picture is the best one.

  3. cool! everyone looks like they’re enjoying life.

  4. I really enjoyed looking at the pictures. Looks like everyone is having a good time!!

  5. I think its cool that just a couple pictures give a good idea of their culture.

  6. The picture from the store is interesting. It’s really similar to an American store but theres also differences. yeah.

  7. ok they all look like jamicans!!! its really cool haha and the guys are ripped!!!

  8. these are some good pictures! the last one looks so sad. 😦

  9. Wow, the beach looks amazing. 😦
    Wish I was in Brazil, instead of cold Illinois. I really like the picture where the guy is by the jewelry, it shows all the different things you can make.

  10. Nice pictures. Did you buy anything from that guy on the beach? looks… warm… incredibly warm.

  11. I really like that persons hair at the third to last picture!!!!and I love how everyone looks so happy 🙂

  12. looks like you guys are having a blast!!

  13. I love these pictures. All the kids look so happy 🙂 the last picture is very sad, but still very interesting. This is a good look in to their culture

  14. Those are really cool! The last guy looks very sad 😦 its really fun to compare what we do to them

  15. A lot of these kids look like they could live in America. I’ve never been outside this country so it’s interesting to see what other cultures do. It seems similar to what we do really 🙂

  16. These pictures are awesome!! Thanks for posting them. They are so different and yet the same from life in America. The kids look so happy just being together.

  17. Really neat pictures! I enjoyed looking at these.

  18. I like being able to see the descriptions as well as reading about them. They were pretty cool pictures.

  19. Very interesting pictures! Especially the last one.

  20. I liked looking at these pictures and comparing American culture to what I understand from Brazilian culture. There are some similarities I see, but also quite a few differences as well.

    Very cool. C:

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