Posted by: Nikki Dobyns | March 16, 2010

“Domo obrigado….Mr. Roboto?”–Kurt M.

I haven’t added to the blog yet since we have been here…I figured it was time I had to force myself to come sit in the computer lab in the hotel instead of basking in the 70 degrees outside at 1 AM….I love this country.

Anyways, since it is late I just wanted to say that I have had a great time. Even with sunburn and lots of playing. I have experienced SO MUCH on this trip…it’s just awesome. There really are no other words. I was mesmerized by what I learned today about a lot of the Brazilian music culture. It’s interesting to me to see that there are not a lot of bassoons in the concert band/wind ensemble setting. I haven’t seen any bassoons (other than ours of course) until today. There were FOUR in the orchestra we saw….a little unusual, but interesting no less. Dr. Huff would be interested to know that the 1st chair player was reading down a lot of the (clearly well prepared) Weisseborn Advanced Studies….there is so much I could type here. I am so glad to be on this trip. I can’t wait to get more gigs played and learn as much as possible. It’s hard to believe we are already reaching our halfway point.

I hope everyone in the US is doing well, in the mean time I am going to bed…it’s late!

Boa noite! (Good night!)



  1. Hi there! Sounds like a fabulous time! I have been following the site! Have a great finish to your trip and a safe trip home!

  2. Hi Nikki! I know you all are having a fabulous time…I’ve been watching videos of your performances and rehearsals. Thanks for taking us along via video….a great idea!

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