Posted by: Abby Rhodes | March 15, 2010

WIU Wind Ensemble meets Brazil

Salvador's Porto da Barra - End of summer party

Rewinding now back to night one, when the group took in its first glimpses of Brazilian culture at an annual end of summer festival called Espicha Varao, literally “end of summer.” Salvador’s Porto da Barra teemed with revelers of all shapes, sizes, and colors, all ready to party.

(L-R) Tim Holl, Mike Hankosky, Darcie Flemming, Kurt Makaryk, and Tim Horr just after their first dip

Thousands of years of miscegenation in Brazil has resulted in wide ethnic diversity, yet there seems to be a “Brazilianness” that unifies everyone here.  Its equal parts easy-going and passionate.  As much embracing as curious.   The quality defies definition, but is easily sensed by just observing the people around us, and on Saturday night, there were tens of thousands of people around us.

Public displays of affection are quite common . . . and often quite steamy!

As you may have read in Steve Scherer’s earlier post, the event centered around two stages, one on land and one floating in the bay, where world renowned musical groups inspired hips to sway and feet to tap soft imprints in the light brown sand.  The students here, and other members of the tour, are much more qualified than I am to comment on the musical aspects of the evening, but it was clear to me through the spirited dancing and contagious joy in the sticky tropical air that we were enjoying a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Espicha Varao (End of Summer) party at Porto da Barro, Salvador



  1. Wow music from the water. awesome and I bet if I was at this festival I would get really claustrophobic. =/ but have tons of fun at the same time. =] ❤

  2. that is soo cool and metro stop talking like that its not fair!

  3. Wow this looks like it was a blast! the stage on the water is awesome. I hope i get to experience something like this one day!

  4. oh my gosh..that first pictire of all those people on beach is awesome!!! taht looks like so much fun 🙂


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