Posted by: Abby Rhodes | March 15, 2010

No case of the Mondays here!

Allison Scherer soaks up the Bahia sun

After a long Sunday packed with performance and many hours on the road, the band was rewarded with a day of sunny relaxation today.  We departed from Salvador’s Baía de Todos os Santos (All Saints Bay) by boat for an hour-long ride to the virtually uninhabited Ilha dos Frades (Monk’s Island).  Our on-boat history lesson taught us that this small island was the first stop for Portuguese colonists who arrived ill after traversing the Atlantic.  Monks on the island cared for the newcomers until they were well enough to journey on to the mainland.  Thankfully, our group didn’t suffer any seasickness because there are no monks acting as medical professionals on the island today.

As you can see by clicking “Read More,” the sights speak for themselves.  Click on the photos for larger versions.



  1. wish we had warm weather

  2. the concept of your Relax Day makes me jealous. Brazil is prettyful.

  3. (march 15) these picture are awesome! i wish i was there in warm brazil!

  4. mr. scherer! make sure ur wearin sunscreen! 😀

  5. hahaha mr. scherer. i’m lovin the yellow tank. 🙂 too bad it’s windy and cold here! lucky!

  6. ymca!

  7. i like the first (and currently only) picture of Mr. Scherer is him blogging…probably to his dear band students you know he misses so much!

  8. these pictures look like something out of a travel magazine… but the picture of mr. scherer in the yellow sleeveless shirt is giving me flashbacks of band camp

    • i was thinking the same thing about his shirt fosho.

  9. that looks awesome, glad you get to relax between sll your performances and clinics. This whole trip is getting me very excited for FLORIDA!!

  10. I wish we were able to enjoy a day in the sun like you guys were.

  11. Looks beautiful! Enjoy your fun in the sun.

  12. I see all those smiles in my classes all the time – ho hum.. Looks fabulous there – enjoy!! Go Village People!

  13. Great pictures! Looks like so much fun. Enjoy the rest of the week.

  14. Love the photo’s ~ looks like you are all enjoying spring break 2010!

  15. Great Photos! Keep them coming!

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