Posted by: Abby Rhodes | March 15, 2010

Happy Birthday, Chad!

WIU Musical Instrument Repair Technician Chad Walker

He worked some 200 hours to ensure all the Wind Ensemble’s instruments and over 60 donated horns made it down to Brazil safely and within a tight budget.  Now, he’s reaping the rewards of his efforts by spending his 38th birthday in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. We wish a very, very happy birthday to Chad Walker, our favorite (and much appreciated) instrument repair technician.



  1. Happy Birthday, Chad.

    Try not to look so darn happy :-))))


  2. Chad, Have a great birthday! Enjoy!

  3. For a 38-year-old, you look pretty relaxed, Mr. Walker. Happy Brazilian Birthday and many happy returns! Cheers!

    Love, Dennis & Joan


    Love – Mom & Dad

  5. We miss you, and hope you’ve had an incredible birthday!

    Love –
    Lucy, Grace and Tammie 😉

  6. Happy Birthday, Chad (water looks nice!)

  7. Happy birthday from sunny Macomb!

  8. Wishing you a wonderful Birthday!!!

    Love – Sophie & Ben

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