Posted by: Steve Scherer | March 15, 2010

Geneseo Brazil Project – very late Monday nite

It’s 1:20 AM.  Session is done.  Dinner is done.  This recording session, I will try to describe in detail later.  For now, it was a brush with greatness.  I shot video of them playing, but have to work on how to upload it.  I’ll tell the details tomorrow morning and work on the video upload.  In the meantime, the experience was surreal.  The talent was undescribable.  It was one of those moments in time that could never be duplicated.



  1. This just made my day to hear how much fun you’re having. We need to have a happy hour on the porch dedicated to stories of your experience!

  2. Steve: Bless you for giving all those at home (Illinois) a play by play account of all activities.
    Have checked all bloggers and you are the sole person recording trip events. I check for your daily blog. THANK YOU!

  3. I give you props for taking the time to right a post at 1:20 in the morning whereas I would just collapse in my bed.

  4. I’m really excited to hear what they sound like, especially the Brazilian band! All of the culture down there sounds so cool. Whenever we’ve gone out of the country it’s been to europe which is nothing at all like this which makes learning about their culture even more interesting 🙂

  5. It’d be really cool to see the video, but you could always show it to us when we get back!

  6. I also can’t wait to hear more about the recording sessions! You should upload the vid asap!

  7. I can’t wait to hear more about your recording session! You obviously had a great experience yesterday, and that’s so cool how special it was.

  8. I am so glad to have experienced this with you. What a memory and common bond we all share from now!

  9. You are in a zone. I love it! Can’t wait to hear every detail. Love, Jane

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