Posted by: darciefleming | March 15, 2010

Day 3.

After being in Brazil for 3 days I cannot believe everything that I have seen.  Between riding through Salvador and through the country side on bus and just looking out the window I have seen things that I would have never imagined.  The first thing that I saw that really blew my mind were the favellas.  I did not imagine them to be anything like they are.  They interest me from far away, but I could never imagine going into them or living there.  Anther thing that I see everywhere I go that is not common in the US are the building colors.  Just by going one block down the road you can count 10 or 15 different colors that buildings are painting or tiled.  Other things that I never would have imagined are the animals that just run around in the streets and the countryside.  We were driving up a mountain yesterday and out of no where there was a cow stuck on the side of the hill.  Also there have been dogs on roofs and just cats running around.  The animal that has amazed me the most that I never would have expected has to be the monkeys.  They are not big monkeys though.  They look like they weigh maybe 3 or 4 pounds.  I discovered them yesterday when Karen ran into our room off the porch yesterday at 6:30 am yelling there’s monkeys out our window.  Then we all got out bed to go see them and sure enough they were there.

My three favorite parts of this trip so far have been performing with the Brazilians, Monks Island, and the food.  Yesterday when we performed with the Brazilians was by far one of the best experiences I have had in my life.  I could not believe that even though we did not speak the same language or understand each other we could put music together and play so wonderfully.  This really brought us all together and literally gave me goosebumps.  I cannot wait til out next performance with the Brazilians.  Monks Island is one other favorite part of this trip so far because 2 friends and I went snorkeling.  This was a very neat experience.  We saw so many fish and underwater creatures!  I could not believe the beauty that laid under the ocean.  The other fun part of Monks Island was the boat trip.  It was wonderful to ride the boat across the bay and lay in the sun.  Another part of this trip that I am enjoying so far is the food.  I made a promise to myself before we left to come here that I would try anything.  So far I have and I have liked it all.  The food here is so fresh and has a totally different taste then the US.  Everything I eat amazes me.  Even something as simple as a ham and cheese croissant or there McDonalds has been a neat experience.  Everything tastes so different.  And there fruit is AMAZING!  I can’t even put into words how great it is.

The trip has really been an eye opener this far. It has really shown me what life in another country is and how privileged I am as an American.  The trip has also helped me to bond with my fellow musicians in the Wind Ensemble.  I am so excited that I have been able to experience this!




  1. The favellas are actually where the underprivileged live. We stayed in hotels but we drove past them multiple times. They are very neat though. Almost every aspect of Brazil is determined by them. The music comes from them, the famous musicians, the famous athletes, anything that you would find to be a part of their culture usually comes from the favellas. They are beautiful in there own way. Also the fruit fruit we have eaten consists of lots of types of melon, pineapple, strawberries, coconut, passion fruit, star fruit, grapes, bananas, and much more. It’s wonderful!

  2. One thing i have always found amazing about music is that it has no language barrier. Its like a universal language in a way.

  3. I’m guessing the food tastes different because it was fresh. We traveled once to Italy, and when there is no preservatives in any of the food, everything tastes different–usually better. The massive variety of multicolor houses also sounds intriguing.

  4. The monkeys sound soo cute. and I agree with you, music can bring people who are so different, really close together 🙂 and of course, its all about eatin!!!

  5. thanks for sharing Darcie!

  6. So the favellas are the houses that you stayed at? What were they like? I remember in Singapore separate houses were conjoined by one hallway. Wow. The bright colored houses sound beautiful to see. That would be so amazing to have all those animals running around. The way you describe it reminds me of Aladdin, even though that was in like, Arabia. Haha, and the monkeys you describe remind me of Abhoo (sp?). What kinds of different fruits did they have? It sounds great.

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