Posted by: Yvonne Dean | March 14, 2010

Hello from Brazil!

Hi family and other readers! It’s 12:31 a.m. here in Salvador, Brazil. This is the first time that I have had the time to get my laptop out to blog. It is BEAUTIFUL here. I wish you all could see it. I don’t have much time because I just ordered room service but I just wanted to get on here and say hello. So hi Mommy, Daddy, Grandma, Grandpa, Brooke Dean, Kimmy, Bubba, Kitty, and Addie and whomever else may be reading this. I love and miss you guys! I’ll write again soon!




  1. Nice job ordering room service missy!! How is Brett??? Kimmy is very excited that you mentioned her name. Amber hates us all. Kimmy is crying about it. Bub and Kitten say HI. Brooke Dean likes a boy in Colona. And Grandma is crazy and Grandpa deals with it. Hope you are having fun!!! Tell Brett nice job!

  2. I really wish that I would have been able to do cool stuff like you girls are doing. Hope you guys are having a great time and getting to really take in the sites. See you when you get back to the Q C

  3. What about me, Vonno? haha I am glad that you are enjoying yourself. Get a tan for me, would ya?

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