Posted by: Abby Rhodes | March 14, 2010

First Brazil performance

As I type this, I hear a cacophony of scales, bits of the Brazilian anthem, and prepatory buzzing.  The band is setting up for a performance in the Dannemann Cultural Center in Sao Felix, Bahia, Brazil.

WIU Wind Ensemble prepares for first Brazilian performance

The band will share a performance tonight with Filharmonica Lyra Ceciliana, a group of  local musicians ranging in age from 12 to 45.  The Cachoiera-based orchestra was founded in 1876 as part of the movement to abolish slavery.

Dannemann Cultural Center

Chris Haas, Kyle Traeger, Jessica Todd, and Brian Newell outside Dannemann Cultural Center



  1. Wow. Everything from the performance scenery to the slavery-abolishing orchestra makes me want to live down there!

  2. i wonder if the band actually made a difference in slavery, and now do they play for something else?

  3. I would have never thought starting an orchestra would be used to abolish slavery

  4. I think it’s cool that the band started to fight slavery.

  5. These pictures are really neat!! It would be fun to play with all of the plants around you. I would feel like I was in a jungle haha. Filharmonica Lyra Ceciliana sounds like our Maple City Band, except some of the people in that are wayyyy older than 45. I love playing in groups where there is such an age difference between the players.

  6. This place looks really pretty, and I was surprised that they let 12 year olds in the band.

  7. So glad you have the blog, I love seeing what the group is up to! Looks like you are all having an amazing time. Thanks for the group shot! I agree, keep the pictures coming!

  8. I really liked the picture of outside the Cultural Center. The background looks really pretty.

  9. This is a great blog! It is so nice to see the sites and the performance venues where you are.
    Keep it coming.

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