Posted by: Abby Rhodes | March 14, 2010

Dannemann Center performance



  1. Good performance of blue shades!

  2. Go Percussion!

    Looks like you are having fun. Remember you have to come home for finals!

  3. That was one wickedly sweet ending of Blue Shades!!! I wish I could have heard the whole song! You know, I saw an entire concert band score of Blue Shades down at the All-State exhibit. I had enough money to buy it, but I didn’t want to carry the whole thing around…..I kind of regret it now. 😦
    Cool mixing between the two bands in this video.
    Eu quero ver mais videos!

  4. wondered why that piece sounded familar!! sounds great!! hope you guys are all having fun! found Cassie and Allison…Mr. Scherer…i think you are hiding…

  5. Ah!!! I wish I was in honors band when you guys played Blue Shades. The part that was on the video sounded really good. Is there a recording of the full song?

  6. that was good! i liked it a lot

  7. BLUE SHADES! i loved when we played that song! That’s really cool that you guys mixed bands, and it also reminds me of some of our concerts-crammed together like you guys! sounds good!

  8. Hi to everyone from the gray midwest! Thanks so much to Abby for setting this up, & to everyone who is contributing to this blog! We LOVE hearing your performances, seeing the pictures & getting a taste of what you’re experiencing there. Keep those posts coming!

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