Posted by: mschraft | March 14, 2010


MS: “Why do the Brazilians market all these drinks with “Antarctica?”

Jake Eastman: ” It’s hotter than blazes down here, Schraft! It probably makes them feel better when the heat is off the charts!”

MS: “Good point, Jake.”

Antarctica is a popular brand of both soft drinks and alcohol in Brazil, and a part of the diverse and rich food and drink tradition of Brazil. So far I have tested my comfort zones with the food here, and have been richly rewarded.

Also, the weather has been wonderful; I am dreading and both curious for the return to spring in the Midwest at the same time. This taste now just gives me motivation towards what is to come in the months ahead of us. 

Finally, hearing Brazilians present their rich culture of music continues to be the opportunity of a lifetime so far. As a student of music, I feel grateful and changed for the better. Packed beach full of Brazilians? Night festival, with two stages? Musicians playing music that just feels “right?” Yes, Brazil, you can be quite a seductive place for anybody that loves to feel alive!

 I can’t wait for the coming days!



  1. As nice as it’s starting to get here, I’m sure the weather can’t be nearly as good as it is in Brazil! And the night festival with a beach full of Brazilians sounds a lot better than springtime in the Midwest too…

  2. Sounds like brazil is a pretty sweet place. I go defiently go for it being so hott i need some antartica.

  3. It sounds like you guys are having a lot of fun in brazil. It’s great to be able to read about everyones experiences and the culture in brazil.

  4. Don’t be curious about the weather here. Just don’t. Fully take in the weather there. What’s the temperature? I can remember Singapore being just 3 degrees from the equator and getting a heat rash… those were the days.

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