Posted by: Abby Rhodes | March 14, 2010

A far cry from Macomb

Everywhere you look in Bahia, you see beauty, but much the scenery also depicts a stark economic reality–Salvador has one of the world’s most dramatic disparities between rich and poor.  Hillsides are stacked with low-income housing, known widely as favelas, but given the more politically correct term ‘communities’ here.

"Comunidades" in the outskirts of Salvador

A three-hour bus ride into the countryside provided a wonderful opportunity to see an array of architecture, from colonial period European inspired edifices to roughly hewn brick and mortar homes intended to last only until the next mudslide.

Cachoiera architecture

Like many who live in Salvador but make their livelihood outside the city, we traveled by bus among sugarcane fields and cattle farms on the way to Cachoiera, an industrial city located along the Paraguacu River.

More on our delicious visit to Fazenda de Santa Cruz coming soon!



  1. i agree with the red and white house comment made by liz pete. it is a sweet house. im planning on living there someday. haha just kidding but it is a sweet looking house!!!!

  2. all the colorful buildings look like a scene from a movie… im jealous

  3. The picture with all of the houses on the hill reminds me of Rome! It’s all so beautiful. It’s kind of a mixed culture because the red and white house reminds me more of a spanish style. ay caramba!

  4. the picture of the red and white house is amazing. You can see all the little details that went into the making of that house…it beautiful.

  5. Wow, I have never seen architecture like that. It is really cool.

  6. woops… i meant “jealous”

  7. That first picture with all of the houses, looks a lot like Jamaica! It looks so beautiful there. I’m jellous

  8. That picture of the super clean white house is really cool. It reminds me of colorful clothing or fruit.

  9. I really liked the pictures that you took of these houses. Keep up the good work.

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