Posted by: Abby Rhodes | March 13, 2010

We’ve arrived!

After a two-hour delay in Chicago that could have easily set us back one day in our journey, we have arrived in Rio de Janeiro in plenty of time to make our flight to Salvador!

Anxieties about making it through customs with tens of thousands of dollars of instruments proved unnecessary, as we glided through without any questions.  Veteran travelers in the group called it their easiest entry into a foreign country.

Tim Horr (foreground) and Kurt Makaryk just before descent into Rio

With Alicia Keys crooning on the airport PA system and the surroundings looking much like airports in some U.S. cities, so far Brazil hasn’t seemed the exotic destination we all expected.  Of course, the Coke does give an extra jolt thanks to real sugar, and the steamy equatorial climate can be felt even in the air-conditioned comfort of the terminal.  Plenty of culture shock is promised, though, when the band ventures out to the Salvador shores this evening.

Travel agent Gina greets the band in the Rio airport

Procuring Brazilian reals was one of the first orders of business

Dr. Dave discovers Mango Diet Coke

Brazilian pastries were a big hit among hungry travelers



  1. It looks like their culture is different than ours, but many things are similar too. It’s surprising that customs were that easy.

  2. I enjoy their colorful money. We should have colorful money here. It just says awesome

  3. I think it’s cool how even though you’re in another country there are so many things that we can connect with back home. Those pasteries look delicious!

  4. Woah man, I need to try some of that Mango Diet Coke. Mmm… real sugar. how did those Brazilian pastries taste? So, the currency there is called “reals”? “Brazilian reals”? Interesting. In Singapore the currency is called “Sing,” creative, huh?

  5. Whee! Nine hour flight! Fun!… Yeah, I know, it’s kinda a pain. We’ve flown overseas before, and the timezone change and long flight with irregular sleep is so confusing. Still sounds like a great trip though! We’re all envious back here in Geneseo. Have fun!

  6. I wouldn’t mind trying one of those pastries. yum! =] ❤

  7. That Mango Diet Coke sounds fantastic!!! Glad to hear everyone is having such a great time thus far.

  8. Hey guys, looks like your having so much fun and your week has just begun. Love all the pics.

  9. Glad youo all made it. Enjoy!

  10. That Mango Diet Coke® does sound good. But not as thrilling as new Japanese Pepsi® Ice Cucumber! Thought I’d still rather Coke®, than Pepsi® any day. Anyway….you what’s really messed up? I swear. I saw a can that looked just like that same one in a trash can outside of a chinese restaurant today. Different. Brazilian currency looks really cool.

  11. Mango Diet Coke and Brazilian pastries? I’m in.

  12. Mango Diet Coke? I’m down. Looks like some good eatin’ as well.

  13. That mango coke sounds like something I would want to taste. Someday maybe I will.

  14. Wow! So the coke is actually different there because of real sugar? That’s interesting! I don’t think that I would enjoy mango. It’s also interesting that they listen to Alicia Keys too. That’s on the radio at home! have fun!

  15. Mango……I love Mango’s!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Yay! You made it finally!! Yesterday must have been tense with that delay at the airport but at least you’ve reached Brazil. Have fun!

  17. Hi Abby,

    I’m so jealous! I wish I were there too! Congratulations on getting everyone and all the instruments without a problem!

    When we flew to Brazl our connection from St. Louis to Dallas was delayed 3 hours, and we missed our night flight to Sao Paulo. Had to spend the night in Dallas, losing one day of our trip. Boo hoo.

    I’ll be watching the blogs all week and enjoying the pictures. Would love some of the music, if that’s on your agenda.

    Leslie Walker

  18. How do you fit in a brazilian bikini after eating those?

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