Posted by: Steve Scherer | March 13, 2010

Geneseo Brazil Project – Day 1

To the Geneseo bandos.  I am writing from the hotel in Salvador.  If you read some of the other blog entries you’ll hear all about the adventurous trip down here.  Delays, many many hours, overnight on a jet, kinda hard to sleep.  Interesting, because of flying East during the night, it started to get light at about 3:15 AM.  Wierd.

It took a long time to be able to get on the blog.  When we got to the hotel we had an hour to settle in and then dinner at 7:30.  Now it’s almost 9:00, 6:00 PM in Geneseo.  We are about to leave for a traditional festival marking the last day of summer.  It is a huge party on the beach of Salvador that has been going on all day today, with live music playing throughout the day.  Like with most music festivals, the acts that have been playing throughout the day have been increasing in popularity and fame.  When we arrive in a little while at Baja beach, we’ll see the last few acts perform.  One very famous Brazilian group from Salvador, and a couple of other very famous Brazilian pop musicians.  One of these famous musicians will be recording with us on Tuesday.  The famous Cuban band is well known for their great drumming.

I intended to upload a video of one of our hosts describing some important history and musical history in Salvador, but the wireless connection is so slow that I can’t.  I will add more when we get back from the festival.

We haven’t lost any people, instruments, or luggage.  So far so good.  Tomorrow I’ll tell about some of the rented instruments we’re using.  Gotta go.

Mr. S



  1. Wow I wish I was on a beach. Plus that is kind of awesome how it got light at 3. 😀

  2. Wow! Thats sounds like a lot of fun and very interesting in the time changes. I can’t believe it’s the last day of summer there. Weird.

  3. its the last day of summer there? glad thats not the case here.

  4. sounds fun. Hope you had a great time. 🙂

  5. Have fun on the beach! I also hope the time difference doesn’t affect you too much!

  6. I think right about now i would KILL to be sitting on a beach listening to music, sounds like a blast!
    *jealous* 🙂

  7. Too bad we can’t see the video, it sounded interesting

  8. I think the drumming will be an amazing experience. I hope you have a fun time listening to the cuban band and recording with some famous musicians. Maybe you can pick up a few techniques to use on the square drum you bought.

  9. 3:15 is a bad time for the sun to come up.

  10. this sound really cool. cant wait to see the video

  11. sounds exciting! It’s neat that you guys get to record with a famous musician from there. I’m looking forward to the videos!!

  12. sounds like a long night. i hope the food is amazing

  13. Too bad you guys weren’t able to catch most of the festival. Ehh, anyway, listening to the last few groups would still be fun. Did you have a chance to hang-ten after the festival?

  14. The whole summer beach party sounds pretty awesome, hopefully you aren’t too tired from the trip and you can enjoy it. Im very excited to see pictures of this festival, but i really want to hear the music. Im curious to hear this Cuban drumming! Enjoy your night!

  15. Wow! That’s not fair that its still summer in Brazil. It sounds like you are having a lot of fun! The Brazilian music sounds like it would be very fun to listen to!

  16. a celebration on the last day of summer??? why would they do that??? for us that means school would start soon….that is horrible..but the party sounds like fun

  17. It sounds like you have been having a blast. I would think that you would be really tired though after losing 3 hours of sleep. The festival sounds really cool!

  18. the cuban drumming sounds really interesting, I wish I could listen to them and be sitting on beach 😛 hope that everything is going great!

  19. Having the music festival on the beach sounds awesome, especially with how it was outside today. The Cuban band also sounds like it would be really neat to listen to.

  20. Everything sounds like lots of fun. I think it’d be cool to record with a famous musician.

  21. I dont understand why they are celebrating the last day of summer!!! That seems like a tragedy to me!

  22. So it’s kinda like a rock concert with like a ton of bands but brazilian style,oooh. It sounds like a blast.

  23. I also wanna see that cuban drummer. Hopefully you didn’t jynx yourself with the luggage comment

  24. That sounds like a lot of fun! Looking forward to the video

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