Posted by: Abby Rhodes | March 13, 2010

Airport zzzs

Several members of our group take advantage of a layover in Rio to make up for lost sleep.

Mike Schraft chooses an upright position

Dr. Vondran takes the floor

Allison Scherer tries the fetal position

Dr. Fansler opts for (by far) the least comfortable arrangement



  1. that picture of Dr. Fansler really makes me laugh.. it shows what people will do just to get some sleep

  2. As long as Dr. Fansler was comfortable himself, that is all that matters. Trust me, it is hard to find a comfortable place to sleep after 36 hours on a plane 🙂

  3. I found it easier to sleep here than on the plane; I am looking forward to further investigating Rio, better rested!

  4. Allison! Hahaha i miss you! These pictures are awesome.

  5. I got stuck in those airport chairs trying to sleep like Dr. Fansler did. It was a little embarassing haha. Hopefully all of the excitement made up for your lost sleep once you got there =D.

  6. to tell you the truth… i think the last position looks quite nice. It looks a lot better than the floor!!! lol

  7. I enjoy how most of us band kids have chosen to comment on this entry. We must be high school kids because we like sleep. I hope you all catch up on your sleep so you can get ready to have an awesome week of learning and music! :]

  8. i hope everyone found a comfortable sleeping position! hope you all get some sleep before tomorrow!

  9. Wow………just when I thought I’ve tried them all.
    But seriously…Dormir um pouco! Quem sabe que tipo de locura pisa sobre pisos terminal do aeroporto brasileiro.

    (Get some sleep! Who knows what kind of craziness treads over Brazilian airport terminal floors.)

    Looks like fun though.

  10. Well it looks like everyone seemed to find some type of way to sleep….even if it was uncomfortable.

  11. Haha well this just gave me a good laugh. While i’m sure the Brazil trip will be an amazing experience for everyone on it, it seems to me that the travel there can be an adventure in itself!

  12. Owww sleeping on an airport floor or even a chair would definitely NOT be comfortable but i guess if your that tired…haha

  13. the last position might work a little better if he but the rest of his body under the arm rest instead of on top of it, my back would kill if i slept like that

  14. nice dad, it looks like you are verry comfortable

  15. Dr. Fasler should ask Dr. Vondran how to get out of that sleeping position… is that not about the same dimensions as Vondran’s office!! Ha!HA!

    Safe travels!

  16. I’m just curious here, but how long did it take for Dr. Fansler get in and out of that position? It looks quite painful for someone trying to get rid of jet lag.

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