Posted by: Jessica Todd | March 12, 2010

Twas the night before take off

Tomorrow we leave for Brazil. It is finally hitting everyone that this is actually happening.

After reading Dr. Vondran’s blog and Dr. Fansler’s reflective pep talk after rehearsal today, I’m hoping everyone is realizing what huge deal this is.

For my sister Andrea and I, this will be our first time on a plane. Our mother is sick with anxiety — I anticipate this to be true for everyone else’s parents.

I’m really excited about the repertoire we’re taking on the trip. In the past I haven’t been much of a fan of marches, but now I love them. We’re taking a few marches down to Brazil — of American and Brazilian flavor. The Brazilian marches are a lot different than the American ones. They’re repetitive, but are a lot more contrapuntal and musically intriguing (and sometimes more technically demanding). I’m hoping that the crowds we play for will be pleased by the variety of repertoire we’re bringing. I’m interested to see how Sensemaya will be received.

In the music world, a lot of people are writing for symphonic band. It’s a newer genre of music and this modern touch is prevalent in the band literature. Sensemaya was originally written for orchestra in 1938 but we are playing a transcription, which is sometimes typical. Such great music has been written for orchestra and bands want to be able to play it. But now, there is great music being written for bands. We are hopefully going to share some of that with the Brazilians.

Oh my gosh I’m going to Brazil tomorrow…!!!!



  1. hopefully you are enjoying the trip!

  2. Waiting for news…having to read other peoples blogs…the pic from your hotel is beautiful !!! Heard you woke to monkeys . Also music on the beach…amazing . Please post as soon as you can.Can you use Andi’s phone or hotel comp. ? Take LOTS of photo’s . ENJOY….

    Love you both

  3. Hey todd, how is brazil so far? Well, guess what, rudy didn’t show up to the ensemble thing. Yeah, it sucked. Anyways, I gotta run its getting late. P.S. tell that one guy, Brain, if he went with you, SUP. Oh and toby is better then colby!

  4. Got the message from Andi that you made it! Have a wonderful time…Not sure I’d drink the water…Keep us posted with the blog. Love to you both. MOM

  5. I am so exited for you and your sister to have this wonderful opportunity to share together ! Traveling out of the country , experiencing a different culture , learning new music styles….Your first plane ride ! Enjoy. Breath it in. And please be SAFE !!!

    I love you much ,

  6. Best wishes to all the students on the Wind Ensemble tour – especially the trumpets! Be
    sure to send our greetings and offer some of
    your Vince Cichowicz training to any Brazilian
    trumpeters you encounter. Keep flowing. . .

  7. marches, transcriptions, original works; I’m excited with the program we are taking to Brazil. I’m also excited for you that you found a place in your heart for marches too! This is an extensive introduction to flying to say the least; I’m glad you and your sister can experience this together.

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