Posted by: Steve Scherer | March 9, 2010

To the Geneseo Band Students – it’s “The Brazil Project”

Okay Honors Band members, here it is.  The Brazil assignment.  This will be known as “The Brazil Project”.  These are the parameters of the project:

1. You will keep a daily journal of things you observe and learn about music in Brazil.  You must make one journal entry each day that I am in Brazil.

2. There will be no journal entries for the travel days, March 12 and 21.  I will arrive in Brazil on Saturday, March 13, and will leave on Saturday March 20th.  So you should have one journal entry for each day, from the 13th through the 20th.

3. The information for your daily entry should be based on what you learn from the Brazil Blog.  Incidentally, when you go there, the picture of the open stick bag on the main page is my stick bag!  Our journalist, Abby Rhodes took the picture at the last rehearsal.  The mallets with the green felt belong to GHS.  Don’t worry, I’ll return them.

4. Each entry should be a half page, 14 point, times new roman, double spaced, 1 inch margins.

Your entries should consist of the following elements:  1. What is the most interesting (to you) musical fact, experience, insight that you read about today?  WHY?  2. What is something new you learned about Brazilian music today?  EXPLAIN.  3. Take a characteristic about Brazilian music, and compare or contrast it to the music that you play or listen to in your every day life.  (it doesn’t have to be your band music).  4. Describe something about the Brazilian culture that you learned today.  5. On who’s Brazil Blog did you leave a response on today?  WHY?

5. Remember, you are encouraged to read numerous peoples’ blog entries every day.  This is not designed to work for you if you only read my entries.  Regarding the responses, as you are perusing the different band members (or directors’) blogs, each day you must pick one person’s blog entry and leave a response for them.  It can be me or anyone else on the tour.  So while you’re reading, if you have a response in your head, click the button and make the entry.

6. Your journal entries can be based on observations of writing, still pictures, videos, or audio recordings.

7. So it’s a project that earns 5 points per day, over an 8 day period, so it’s a (5×8) 40 point project.

8. How will this project be graded?  During the week after I return, beginning Monday, March 22nd, I will collect your journals during 1st period.  For that week, during your assessment time, I will read your journal and give you your grade as your assessment grade for the week.  Therefore, you will not come in for an assessment during that week.

9. Be sure you understand the question and answer expectations of this project.

10. Enjoy the process.  As a student, I’ve never had a project that required me to click from one blog to the next on a well-organized site, read interesting stories about live musical experiences, see pictures, listen to music, and learn about another cultures music.  Treat this as a rare opportunity, that will certainly not occur again.  Enjoy the process.







  1. you’re welcome ali :p

  2. Good job Ali.

  3. I read them! Yay! And I am late! Yay! I think that I am probably the latest since Emily reminded me today at school when we walked into early bird together adn asked me about it. I stood there in stunned silence for a while and then realized I would be late to early bird… so… here I am. Sorry. Thank you Emily.

  4. I never was very good at reading instructions.
    I wonder what these extra parts are for?
    Taste all the culturally unique foods possible.
    You will never forget.


  5. Just so you know I read the instructions last week, but I never got around to posting that I read the instructions. yeah.

  6. read the instructions

  7. I read the instructions…posted late sorry.

  8. haha i found this on your blog on thurs but didnt know where to post and I just now found it here on accident. sorry it’s late

  9. I read the instructions Thursday but i couldnt get my computer to post right, and then we got a new computer. sorry im late.

  10. … i read the instructions yesterday i promise!!!!!

  11. yeah it took me like 5 days to do this.

    • bleh. i forgot my last name. kelsey wirth

  12. I read the instructions. Sorry I’m late!

  13. oops. late entry.

  14. I read the instructions and commented on Wednesday…but my computer=dumb and didn’t post it. So, this is me, saying I’ve read the instructions. Have fun!

  15. I read the directions. Ooops I think i’m like a day late to comment

    • me too, but now i read them lolololol

  16. I did not read the instructions 😦

    But I did see the Mango Coke ….. must have some

  17. I read the instructions, so i’m good to go on this project

  18. I read the direction. Have a good trip!!

  19. Have fun on your trip! I read the instructions.

  20. I read the instructions! Have lots of fun!

  21. I read all of the instructions. Travel safe Uncle Steve!

  22. I read everything. Sounds good. Have fun in Brazil….yay alternative energy!!

  23. Eu li todos os sentidos. Tenha uma otima estadia no Brasil. Desfrute de alguns fino da bossa nova e Pao de Queijo.

    (I read all of the directions. Have a great stay in Brazil. Enjoy some fine bossa nova and pao de queijo.)

    That’s right….Metro speaks Portugese!

  24. I read the instructions. I don’t know what frozen tacos are but choco tacos are delicious

  25. Mr. Scherer, I have read this and decided to give you a phrase to use on your trip:

    No, Mr. Bond, espero que você morra!

    Okay, now have fun in Brazil!

  26. Instructions read, have a great trip!

  27. how did steph and sam get on the topic of frozen tacos? you mean choco tacos? …whatever. instructions have been read.

  28. I READ IT!!!just so you know…

  29. hiya….i read your instructions.. have fun on your trip.

  30. ‘ello! Answering for roll-call on the project. Good luck not overloading the servers of the blog.

  31. hiiiiiii. I read it, apparently. Have fun on your trip!

  32. Hey. At least I commented first. INB4TL! Obvious troll is obvious.


    • liked

  33. so, read the instructions, kinda nervous about all this writing but it will seem a lot easier while i’m doing it i’m sure. I’m actually pretty excited to learn more about Brazil. have fun!

  34. frozen tacos? are you crazy stephanie? oh and mr. scherer dont worry i’ve still read the instructions.

  35. Yes, I read the instructions.

  36. For all the people who have said “I hope this is the place to comment”…wow. No there are just a lot of other people with the exact same names as your class mates commenting on another guys blog named Mr. Schere who happens to be going on a trip to Brazil next week. Just sayin’. But yes I did read the instructions.

    P.S. That sounds yummy Samantha. But you know what sounds even better? Frozen Tacos 🙂

  37. i like the…i assume this is the place to comment…and….i have read the instructions….we are a very original group o people…hope everyone’s peppy in Brazil!! enjoy the trip and make awesome memories.

  38. Hi Mr. Scherer! I have just read the instructions! yea Have fun! You should most definatly bring us back soveniers! fun

  39. Sup. I read your directional stuff.

  40. I’m not assuming this is where to comment I KNOW this is where I comment because the button says “SUBMIT COMMENT.” enjoy the eating, music, culture, climate, transportation, beverages, eating, movies, hotels, roads, grades of incline, eating, possible changes in barometric pressure, exotic teas, lemonades, and slushies, eating, and a week off before spending a week with us. l8r sk8r

  41. Read the instructions.

  42. Directions are read. Try not to eat too much good food down there!

  43. Read the instructions and so am commenting!

  44. if i had my own personal fridge in my office i would fill it with pizza rolls and chicken selects…oh wait…that would mean i would need my own FREEZER…shoot…oh well. i read the instructions. 🙂

  45. Enjoy your time there. I read the thing.

  46. I read the instructions. Hope you have a good time in Brazil.

  47. Mr. Scherer

    Great use of technology and well wishes for a great experience– musically, culturally and full of good health and good food! I look forward to following your posts and those of your students!

  48. Hey, I read all the instructions, and I put the ate logo tchau in a translation thing, and it came out as “it ties soon, goodbye” so I’m not quite sure what you were getting at.

  49. I read the all the instructions. Hope you have fun on your trip!

  50. i read the intsructions. have fun in brazil!

  51. Got the directions on the email, hope this is the right place.

  52. Hey Mr. Schere! this appears to be where we post our little deals. this is seth enjoy your trip.

  53. I have read these instructions. Have fun in Brazil. =] ❤

  54. I read the instructions too. I’m assuming this is the place to comment since 3 people already have.

  55. I read the instructions. Sounds good. I guess this is where I should comment.

  56. I read through the instructions, hope this is the place to comment.

  57. I’m assuming this is your blog. cool.

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