Posted by: Nikki Dobyns | March 7, 2010

Muito Obrigado

I just did all of my shopping this weekend for all things Brazil. Travel size things, clothes, and shoes. I am ready to go.  I am so excited that we are leaving in less than a week!! It’s because of this mindset that it’s almost a little difficult to remember that I still have 4 days of school before we leave. For me, that means 2 tests, 1 project, and countless lectures. But that’s okay…that will just help pass the time, and before I know it, we will be on the plane to Rio de Janerio!

I hope everyone has also taken the time to thank those making the trip possible for us. We wouldn’t be able to go without the help of a lot of people. For all of us, it’s the help we have from WIU faculty and staff. Dr. Fansler, Dr. Vondran, Study Abroad Office, Dean Kreider, and many other administrators that made the funding possible. So, as the Brazilians might say….muito obrigado!! (Thank you)


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