Posted by: Abby Rhodes | March 3, 2010

A state of extremes: videos capture paradise and poverty in Bahia

Few would be surprised to learn that Rio de Janeiro has been dubbed the Southern Hemisphere’s top tourist destination.  The Bahia state tourism board produced the video above hoping to attract even more tourist money to Bahia.

Our itinerary includes stops in plenty of breathtaking sites like those in the video, but will also offer exposure to the less polished corners of Bahia.  One example will be CESA, or the San Antonio Educational Center, a school for underprivileged youth established by a Catholic nun widely regarded as Brazil’s Mother Theresa.  The Wind Ensemble will have the honor of performing before 600 of the school’s students.

WIU Alumni Achievement award recipient Doug Adair, who now works and lives in Brazil,  has been instrumental in organizing the Wind Ensemble’s upcoming tour through Bahia.  Adair produced the video below to introduce English speakers to Brazil’s famed Samaritan.



  1. I guess I never realized how beautiful Brazil actually is. You’re so lucky to get the opportunity go there…I’m uber jealous. And I think what you all are doing for CESA is amazing. You will change lives. Have funnnnn!

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