Posted by: Phil Weiss | March 1, 2010

My attempt of the Portuguese language.

Portanto estou trabalhando no meu portugues.  Espere que voce possa ler isto 🙂  So 11 dias ate que sejamos o Brasil atado!  A antecipacao esta crescendo tanto para mim.

Nao posso esperar!  Novamente tendo vontade vir a conhecer todos de voces melhor e espero que voce nao se lembre de ter uma camera na sua cara em algum momento durante esta viagem muito excitante.




  1. Espero que vai gostar muito do Brasil! Me alegre de que voce esta tratando de falar portugues. Eu acho que e uma lengua muita bonita.

    Rio de Janeiro e a “Cidade Maravilhosa
    Cheia de encantos mil
    Cidade Maravilhosa–coracao do meu Brasil!”
    That is Rio’s anthem.

    The more you practice and use Portuguese, the greater your connection with Brasil and its people. I am so glad you’re making this attempt. I hope it inspires others on the trip.

    I would really enjoy hearing about it when you return. I will be checking in on the blogs.

    Boa viagem!

    Leslie Walker

  2. Good luck Phil. We will be thinking about you.Take care of yourself and have a safe trip and lots of fun….Teresa and Rich

  3. So….where’s the translation??? I got excitement, camera and anticipation from what you wrote.

    • Here is the translation:

      So I’m working on my Portuguese. Hope you can read this 🙂 So 11 days until we are in to Brazil! The anticipation is growing so much (I can’t stand it).I can not wait!
      Again looking forward to knowing all of you better and hopefully you do not mind having a camera in your face at some point during this very exciting trip.

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