Posted by: Yvonne Dean | February 25, 2010

Preparing for Brazil

16 days!

I am pretty excited for this trip to say the least. I have traveled internationally twice before, to France and Germany, both trips being with different musical ensembles. Both trips were wonderful and I have gained life long memories from both of them. Now it is time for me to travel south of the equator! As I prepare for the trip I have two major worries. The first is the actual traveling process. I am not a big fan of airplanes, they make me VERY nervous.  The second worry is that I will not be able to eat a lot in Brazil. I am a very very very very picky eater. Pretty much all I eat is cheeseburgers, fries, pizza, and chicken. Healthy, I know… I am willing to try different things while I am there but I am afraid I may not like a whole lot. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see what happens! In terms of preparing for the trip I’m not doing a whole lot. I am starting to make a list of everything I am going to need. Other than that I am just shopping for some new clothes that will suit the 90 degree weather! 🙂

This is going to be a very great experience for the WIU Wind Ensemble and a wonderful way to represent WIU.  I am hoping to leave our audiences with great memories!

Thanks for reading,
Yvonne Dean



  1. I hope you are finding some food to eat:) Can’t wait to hear all of your stories when you get back:)

  2. Where is my first message!!!??? I hope this time it works. I hope you guys have a awesome time and be safe. Get some awesome pics. I think its awesome you guys get to travel. Enjoy it and listen to your mom dont drink the water!!! And always ask what you are eating!!!! I watched Bizarre Foods and there are some interesting things out there.

  3. a new adventure I’m excited for you. What Portesgese words have you learned? Love You,

  4. Amber just left message YOU MADE IT!!!!! She said Chicago flight was scary and you had to run to catch your other flight. NICE!!! Have fun! Where is Brett’s blog???? Nice job Brett

  5. Don’t worry about the food. Worry about the water. Remember Shigella!!!! You will be praying for the gentle jesus to save you!

  6. Hello Yvonne,
    I spent 2 1/2 weeks in Brasil last August and 7 weeks when I was much younger. I worried about the food the first time, afraid I wouldn’t like it. Well, in six weeks I gained 15 pounds! I loved it! I got fat eating black beans and rice twice a day, living with a family.

    The food is not hot and spicy like Mexican food can be. It is mild and similar to American food. You will find good pizza, pasta, and even hamburgers. There is lots of fresh fruit. I never got sick eating in Brasil. Not so when I lived in Mexico for a year.

    I plan to be at the rehearsal on Sunday to talk briefly about Brasil. I know you will have a terrific time there!

    Boa viagem,
    Leslie Walker

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