Posted by: kurtmakaryk | February 25, 2010

A Bookmark in our College Chapter

As students, I think many of us fall into the following routines; get up, go to class, come home, do homework, watch tv, go to bed.  Rather, we find it easy to repeat the exact same activities every day without putting forth the effort to try new things.  Unfortunately, the ease of repeating the same steps to “grind” through the day leads to a very unfulfilled life.  When we do this, the ability for humans to observe, analyze and learn is severely under-utilized.  I must admit, I have fallen into this trap, but I want to remedy this.  So, what experiences can I gain from a trip to Brazil?  What can I do to remind myself that life is not about “getting through the day?”  I want to take this wonderful opportunity and turn it into something that reinforces the human element in my life.  That said, I wish to build on my passion for music by playing, listening and involving myself in all the musical opportunities presented on this trip.  I have no qualms about trying anything new.  I would like to come home and feel like a new person.  I hope that the entire ensemble becomes a family on this trip, knowing that we have all put a huge bookmark in our college chapters together.  Goodbye Macomb,  Ola Brazil


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